Davao poll supervisor is new Comelec commissioner

By Fernan Angeles

ANOTHER election supervisor from Davao has taken oath as part of the Commission on Elections.

Former provincial poll supervisor Aimee Ferolino-Ampoloquio of Davao del Norte took oath as an ad interim member of the election body for a term expiring on Feb. 2, 2027.

An ad interim appointment is one made while Congress is in recess, and takes effect immediately, the Comelec said.

“Her appointment, however, still requires the confirmation of the Commission on Appointments (CA) as mandated by the Constitution,” the poll body added. Congress adjourned session on Dec. 19.

Ampoloquio, who was earlier bypassed by the CA during her confirmation hearing on Dec. 16 pending her submission of documents supporting her Statement of Assets Liabilities and Net Worth, said she looks forward to building new Comelec offices in the Davao region, particularly in Davao del Norte.

“It is my view that among the many benefits of having our own office buildings, especially the field offices, is having the capacity to conduct a more efficient voter registration process,” Ampoloquio said in a Comelec statement.

“For the benefit of the public whom we serve, I hope to help improve their experience of that crucial first step in exercising their right of suffrage, by providing more suitable and pleasant premises,” he added.

More than two months ago, Duterte appointed Michael Peloton to the Comelec. Peloton is also from Davao.

Poll watchdog Kontra Daya earlier allayed fears that the Comelec was being dominated by Duterte appointees, at a time the poll body is preparing for the 2022 national elections.

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