Stars join campaign to help protect peatlands

Alec Baldwin

Hollywood and local stars have joined the campaign to protect peatlands which are crucial to fight climate change.

“Peatlands are crucial to fight climate change. They are large, often forested swamps that can be found all over the world. They matter for the planet because they actually store twice as much carbon as all the world’s forest together while covering less than three percent of the land surface,” said Hollywood star Alec Baldwin in a video clip presented during the joint Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and digital services provider PLDT Inc. (PLDT) and its wireless unit Smart Communications Inc. (Smart) Peatland Conservation virtual press conference this morning, Nov. 6.

Baldwin said: “But peatlands are being degraded and lost at a dramatic pace to the logging, drainage, agriculture and burning. And when they are destroyed they release a massive amount of greenhouse gases and the unique often endangered plants and animals that they housed are lost as well.”

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