Goedam: Series Review

Goedam is a horror anthology series on Netflix which comprise of eight 8-minute short stories. While these bite sized horror shorts seem like easy viewing, don’t be fooled. Your heart will be ready to burst out of your chest before the final episode.

Crack tells the story of a high school student who gets more than she bargained for when she tries to sneak a smoke in the girls’ toilet. Destination introduces a sleepy can driver to a rather strange passenger. Special Guest turns the table on a vlogger who wants to trick her viewers. Curiosity shows what can happen to teens who want to test out internet theories. Red Shoes shows what can happen if a teacher does not care about her student. Dimension showcases the possibility of interdimensional travel and what it costs. Threshold breaches the borders of horror and reality, while Birth focuses on the revenge of the innocent.

Of all the episodes, my favorite was Crack. It was just so well executed that even if I was expecting the jump scares in the eight minute short, I was still horrified when it finally sprung up. It was creepy, and methodical, and it left enough crumbs to build an interest in its connection to the other chapters. My favorite part was the photo reveal in the end. Like I said, creepy. (Angui Chui)

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