Duterte not going back to Manila, spending holidays in Davao City

By Fernan Angeles

THERE is no guarantee that President Rodrigo Duterte would be flying back to Manila after Christmas, says a top Palace official.

In a news conference, presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said that the President has already flown to Davao City to celebrate Christmas with his family.

However, the Palace mouthpiece could not make a categorical reply when asked whether the President will be in his hometown for the New Year’s Eve celebration.

Addressing the nation on Monday night, Duterte underscored the importance of spending time with loved ones during special occasions.

“Mga kababayan ko malapit na ang Pasko kaya ako naman nandito sa Davao because alam ninyo na taga-Davao ako at dito ‘yung pamilya ko,” he said. “Tradisyon naman sa Pilipino ‘yan o sa lahat na you have to be with your family —birthdays, mga events sa buhay ng tao na may significance sa family.”

He also urged Filipinos to emulate Christ’s empathy and kindness by opening their hearts and helping those who are less fortunate. In 2019, the President also flew to Davao City and led the traditional giving of gift packs to Davao residents.

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